Meet Steve Kitchen

Meet Steve Kitchen, the newest member of the FOODO team!

What is role within FOODO?

As with any good start up my role is many and varied! As I’m Victorian based my focus is to develop the market down here.

What direction would you like to see FOODO take?


What sets FOODO apart from other online food businesses?

The Niche is pretty simple. Our Vendors are Small, Independent, Australian. And its a Market Place. We’re not a retailer but a genuine on line marketplace helping the mom and pop operations around Australia reach a new audience.

How can FOODO help the local food producer?

By opening up the whole of Australia to our vendors we can put new customers in front of food producers. It’s also a heck of a lot quicker than driving 3 hours to the farmers market.

What did you do before you joined FOODO?

I have spent my entire career with Australia’s food corporations. Coke, Coles, Don Smallgoods, National Foods.

Why should we shop at FOODO?

REAL FOOD from REAL PEOPLE many from the bush. It’s delicious with profits going straight to the man or woman.

What makes you a food enthusiast?

It’s that combination of food and friends. A nice cheese that no one else in the room has heard of from Tassie, Olives that were grown, picked and pickled by the same person in Western Australia, finished off with a Byron Bay grown and roasted coffee, that’s living.

What is your favourite food?

An antipasto platter. No way I could choose just one!

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2 Responses to Meet Steve Kitchen

  1. Ruthy says:

    Welcome Steve!!

  2. Great to connect, looking forward to reading more.

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