Refer A Food Maker

Foodo has opened its virtual doors and is raring to get business rolling!

We love our food makers and are excited to see them gain exposure as we grow.

To be the raging success we hope to see Foodo become we know the key is variety, a vast array of unique, quality products that you just won’t be able to stop salivating over!

We have paraded around the coastal markets spreading the word about Foodo’s existence and for the most part have been met with curiosity and interest.
To really get that variety though, we need more then interest, we need action!

Daniel, Amanda and myself have our road map out and red pen at the ready, we plan to visit every market within a 200km radius and encourage our Aussie food and beverage makers to join our Australian food revolution, so that their goods can be enjoyed all over the country!

If you know any food or beverage makers that you think could fit into the Foodo way of life please refer them to us to receive $5 off your next Foodo order!

We as the foodie community need to help each other find alternatives to the mass produced rubbish in super markets and help boost our economy.

We want to know our food, where it comes from and the people who are making it!

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  2. Jane says:

    Love the concept of Foodo! We have a business called My Other Kitchen – only we support the people with the great food ideas by providing business help and kitchen space for hire by the hour. Some of our customers would LOVE to be your customers! There are very limited options for distribution and marketing help in the marketplace at the moment. The big guys need to know that the producers can supply when they get orders, but keeping stock on hand for a small operation is costly and onerous. We will certainly be in touch!

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